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video tutorials

Learning a new software or hardware system can be tough, so continue to put together video tutorials so make the curve a little less steap.

Video Tutorials

Ordering Rhinestones

order rhinestones

Order rhinestones, rhinestuds, domes and antique metal hot fix elements. We also carry all other Stone Stencil Rhinestone System supplies.

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Rhinestone Patterns

Stone Stencil System Components

Supporting Products

The Stone Stencil System is a combination of products, information, support, and training. Below are the tangeble elements of our unique system. Each one of these products was researched and hand selected with one goal in mind: The absolute success of our clients.


StoneCut Pro

StoneCut Pro

StoneCut Pro is the primary software component in the Patent Pending Digital Art Solutions Rhinestone System™. StoneCut Pro can be operated as a stand-alone multi-decoration software or integrated seamlessly with Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. StoneCut Pro represents a quantum leap in technology for multi-decoration design and production. StoneCut Pro

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Other Recommended Software: CorelDRAW X5 | Smart Designer X4.5


Stone Stencils

Stone Stencils

Stone Stencils is the artwork component for the rhinestone heat transfer system. This companion art volume for SmartCut Pro 2.0 provides the essential tools to start a successful rhinestone apparel business including rhinestone heat transfer patterns and rhinestone fonts.

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Smart Cuts

Smart Cuts

SmartCuts is a specialized volume of vector artwork designed for cutting custom shapes, images and words. This unique collection includes a wide variety of vector images designed for specialized cutting applications. It is tuned to classic styles and is an ideal solution for creating craft or gift items.

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Other Recommended Artwork: Ready Art | DAS Artwork Collection


Rhinestones and Supplies

Rhinestone Supplies

There are two markets for rhinestone designs apparel. Swarovski rhinestone apparel is sold at higher price points as a “boutique” or “designer” product. Korean rhinestone apparel is sold as a cost effective alternative to Swarovski where price points and margins are important.

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Other Recommended Equipment

Stone Stencil Cutter

SmartCutters by GCC *

We have evaluated cutters from nearly every major cutter manufacturer, and have yet to find another pair of machines that consistently perform at the level of the GCC cutters. They are extremely easy to operate and have the best speed, pressure, tracking and precision cutting in their respective classes.

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Rhinestone Heat Transfer Press

Hotronix Heat Press *

Engineered to perform, the Mighty Press Digital heat press has incomparable features for its price class. These features put the affordable Mighty Press Digital heat press in a performance class that provides to-the-degree application accuracy, enhanced ease of use and user-friendliness.

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* This product is not included in the Rhinestone System package, but is recommended.