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Rhinestone Patterns

Rhinestone Patterns

Video Overview: Rhinestone Font Packs

Pattern Pack 5: Booster pack

Jump start your rhinestone apparel decoration business. This collection includes patterns for creating both rhinestone multi-decoration apparel and rhinestone decals. The Booster Pack also includes a set of marketing tools, including a Fund Raising Guide and pricing guidelines to penetrate the school, sports, and team markets.


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See what's included in this collection like: sample patterns, numbering kits, lettering kits, sports icons, and novelty patterns. This is a new product release!! Watch Now

Rhinestone Patterns

Penetrate the most profitable markets

Schools, teams, and sports are one of the most profitable target markets for rhinestone multi-decoration apparel. The Booster Pack was designed to provide owners of the Stone Stencil Rhinestone System with a set of graphics and marketing tools to penetrate this highly competitive market. Our most successful rhinestone system owners have built customized graphics collections in order to penetrate these markets. With the Booster Pack, we have done the work for you. Any owner that invests in this collection will have all of the tools to successfully sell to this highly profitable market segment. This product is the ideal set of tools to jump start your rhinestone apparel decoration business.

Training Videos:

100 minutes of interactive training videos are provided with detailed instructions for using the product as well as sales and marketing ideas.

Virtual Samples:

9 layouts of popular design concepts are included in both CDR and PDF format. These layouts can be customized to create catalog pages and sales flyers.

Sample Files:

9 editable sample files for every virtual sample layout are included. These files can be used to create custom samples. Some files include active text which can be edited as a template. This is a very fast and efficient way to put together a sample line.


The fonts used in the sample files are included.

Pricing Guidelines:

A set of pricing guidelines in PDF format is included in order to provide pricing recommendations for the products that can be produced with the Booster Pack. Pricing guidelines also include guidelines for charging for decorated apparel that includes multiple graphics locations.

Sports Icons:

76 sports icons are included in 3 versions: filled, outlined and small. Sports icons sports feature footballs, football helmets, basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, hockey pucks, volleyballs, soccer balls, cheer megaphones, and number 1 symbols. Filled icons are also provided with cut lines for producing rhinestone decals.

Mom Designs:

54 Mom Designs are included for the most popular sports including Football, Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Hockey, Cheer, Volleyball and Soccer.

Drop-in Mom Templates:

14 drop-in Mom Templates are included that contain a variety of styles of the letter "M". Each template can be used to create custom Mom Designs. Popular lettering styles include Collegiate and Curlz in both one and two color versions.

Mom Kits:

8 Ready to cut drop in Mom templates are included in order to produce individual transfers for Mom designs without cutting individual stencils. This eliminates the need to cut unique boards for every variation of Mom designs with the different sports icons.

Collegiate Lettering Kits:

8 complete set of alphabets including upper case letters and numbers are included for collegiate lettering. Each alphabet is represented in one color, two color, ss6 and ss10 versions. Each alphabet also includes a separate version with cut lines for producing rhinestone decals.

Collegiate Numbering Kits:

10 complete sets of collegiate numbers are included for producing custom rhinestone jerseys or player name designs.

Name Kits:

Preset stencil layouts are included for the top 250 girl's names. This will allow you to create stencil boards with all of the popular girls names so that you can easily produce custom name drops without cutting individual templates.

Peace Love Designs:

16 Peace and Love designs are included for the popular sports including Football, Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Hockey, Cheer, Volleyball and Soccer.

Peace Love Kits:

8 Ready to cut drop-in Peace Love templates are included so you can create individual transfers for Peace Love designs without cutting individual stencils. This eliminates the need to cut unique boards for every variation in a Peace Love designs with the different sports icons.

  • Produce dynamic and profitable fund raising kits for schools, teams and booster clubs with the included Fund Raising Guide.
  • Included pricing guidelines walk you through the process of costing your product line.
  • Ready to cut templates for numbering kits, name kits and lettering kits can be used to create an library of stencils for producing transfers onsite at events - just load Stone Stencil Material and start cutting.
  • Included sample files can be used to create a customized sample line to kick start your business.
  • Each file is fully editable and can be customized across a wide range of applications and products.
  • Full color printed catalog can be used as a sales and marketing tool with clients.
  • Files are saved in StoneCut Pro .job format.
  • Each pattern includes fixed sizing for dynamic spacing.
  • Color layers are grouped for easy editing.
  • Patterns can be output with either a vinyl cutter or laser engraver.
  • Printed full color catalog sheets are included that can be inserted into an optional 3-ring display binder.